Broderick Works Exclusively with Professional Service Firms

Everyone in the industry knows all too well that operating a professional service firm is very different from running a product-based business. Infrastructures, governance, talent management, compensation and profitability vary significantly from traditional corporate environments. Managing a professional service organization is a challenging business that requires a delicate balance between structure and autonomy and a unique leadership style. Not to mention the enormous challenge of managing an organization of extremely smart, highly autonomous, and somewhat quirky professionals. It’s definitely not a job for the faint of heart.

Given the nuances of our industry, conventional management advice doesn’t really work and most mainstream business gurus and consultants rarely understand and address the unique challenges facing professional service firm leaders.

Maureen Broderick, founder of Broderick & Company, has over 30 years of experience in professional services – an 18 year in-house career in several leading firms (Price Waterhouse, Booz Allen Hamilton, Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison, and SRI) and 15 years as a consultant to many of the world’s top firms. Maureen launched Broderick & Company in 1996 to offer strategic consulting, management training, and market research services exclusively to the professional service industry. The firm’s client list and range and scope of assignments are impressive.

Through many years of both in-house and consulting experience, and extensive research on the art and science of managing a successful firm, the Broderick & Company team offers practical and implementable advice and solutions based on best practices developed and utilized by many of the most respected professional service firms.




For professional service firms, the client base, in effect, defines the business. Strategically managing the portfolio of clients is critical to running a high performance business. In this issue of the newsletter series, Lessons from Leaders, Maureen Broderick discusses best practices in client management.


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