Management Training to Run the Business

Training is an effective tool to keep professionals who love to learn engaged and onboard. It is a powerful vehicle to continuously upgrade and enhance the organization’s skill level and capabilities, nurture and reinforce culture and values, and teach future firm leaders how to run a successful business.

While many firms endorse and invest in training, most programs focus on the technical skills needed to serve clients. Some firms invest in management development training, but many of these programs focus on cultivating the “soft”, often elusive, leadership skills to influence and manage teams and clients. Both of these types of training are important and necessary.

The missing ingredient in the training formula is a program to teach future – and current – firm management the necessary strategic business skills to build and maintain a high performance firm. Because of the unique nature of professional service firms, most MBA programs do not exactly hit the mark, and it’s difficult to justify non-billable time to complete these degrees. A few notable academic institutions offer executive education programs for firm leaders, but most of these are short duration, "one-shot" courses that rarely change behavior, taught by professors who have never been in-house in a professional service firm.

Workshops and Seminar series

Broderick works with firms to develop customized training programs to address both the art and the science of professional service firm management. Based on the PSF Leadership Model introduced in The Art of Managing Professional Services, topics can address any or all of the ten critical areas of focus for firm management: vision, values and culture; people; portfolio; services; finance; positioning; partnership; strategy; structure; and style of leadership.

Programs can range from short workshop sessions to a multiple series course with on-going follow-up and monitoring to measure progress and keep participants on track. Courses can be conducted face-to-face, via webcast, or a combination of channels.

Speaking and Meeting Facilitation

Broderick founder, Maureen Broderick, enjoys speaking and sharing her experience and research on the professional service industry overall and more specifically on best practices in firm management. She is frequently asked to speak at industry events, as well as at internal firm retreats and meetings. As with the training programs, Maureen works with the organizations and in-house teams in advance of her presentations to understand the audience and their needs and interests – often conducting phone interviews with key participants – to tailor her remarks and optimize value.

Of all the ingredients in the professional service mix, leadership is probably the most essential to success - and often the most elusive. In an article for The American Lawyer, Maureen Broderick explores the alchemy of leading a professional service firm.


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